Oud Romancea starts slightly fresh with bergamot, mandarins and blackcurrant. The warm and floral heart note contains cinnamon, spicy notes, jasmine, gardenias and ylang ylang. The base is woody and earthy warm with amber, incense, sandalwood, Oudh and patchouli. A beautiful oriental perfume that combines beautiful floral warmth with woody and oriental notes. What everyone wants is just one thing; to love the warm scent with exotic woods and spices. These are halal perfumes with (Alcohol Denat) in them. These perfumes have all been imported from the Far East and have a great smell as well as great looks, thus making them perfect gifts.


Top Notes: Bergamot, mandarins and blackcurrant

Heart Notes: Cinnamon, spicy notes, jasmine, gardenias and ylang ylang

Base Notes: Amber, incense, sandalwood, Oudh and patchouli

Oud Romancea Eau de Parfum - Ard al Zaafaran

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